Sunday, August 6, 2017

( Female only) Anti-invi + Invi + Fly and more ~

Crossfire ( Female only) Anti-invi + Invi + Fly and more ~ CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Forgot to Mention Nga pala ~ sa Fly just press space space space pwede karin maglakad sa air basta wag mo lng bibitawan yung w,a,s,d lakad ka lng ng lakad or mahuhulog ka - sa invi auto nawawala pag tumalon ka pero babalik pag huminto ka ng 2-5 sec parang passive skill ni teemo /gewd

Wala poh para sa Male wala na po akong Time Sabog ATM ~ /tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire/tire

Male Champ FOr update Release Later ~

(Female) Anti-invi + Invi + double jump -

(Female) Anti-invi + Invi + double jump + Wtw -

(Female) Anti-invi + Invi + Fly + Wtw -

No Bug Damage -


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