Sunday, July 16, 2017

Street Fighter 5 getting new classic stage and costumes this month

Ryu's classic Suzaku Castle is coming this month, in addition to costumes for Ibuki, Juri, and Alex.

Street Fighter V is a touch disappointing, especially when compared to previous games in the series, so why not remind yourself of those earlier, happier days? Street Fighter V is adding a stage and three costumes on July 25, and they're all from various parts of Street Fighter's history.
Street Fighter II's Suzaku Castle, also known as Ryu's home stage, is making its way to Street Fighter V. Unfortunately, Capcom hasn't revealed whether the stage will be free or if it'll cost the normal $4 USD, as other stages have gone for. The fact that Capcom hasn't explicitly said it'll be free makes me think this stage will cost money.
As for costumes, Street Fighter III mainstays Ibuki and Alex will both get their classic duds, while Street Fighter IV's Juri is also set to receive her original outfit. The pack includes all three and will cost $4 USD on Steam. You can see all of them in the pictures below.
Fighting game tournament Evo is currently being held in Las Vegas, at which competitors are beating each other up in Street Fighter V all weekend. You can watch all of the matches over on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel, at least until the finals, which is when the action switches over to the main Evo channel.

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