Saturday, July 8, 2017

Star Citizen's procedural planets flaunted in new video

See the new holographic UI too.

Star Citizen's latest Around the Verse video focuses, primarily, on the sophisticated procedural generation that's being used to create the enormo-space adventure's many planets and moons. In the video, the occasionally slightly boring technical talk is supported by some lovely footage of science fiction planets, from barren desert worlds to more lush environments, with a variety of ecosystems on each.

It's work-in-progress footage, but I'm impressed at this stage at how vast these planets look—the horizons appear to stretch for miles. Cloud Imperium Games says you'll be able to see space stations and the like from the planet's surface, and transition from space to that surface seamlessly.

There's a bit more in the half-hour-long video: we see some new combat takedowns, and the holographic UI players will be using to take on missions.


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