Saturday, July 29, 2017

Crossfire Launcher Mod

I'm back with another Crossfire Launcher Mod.

100% Not a Keylogger!
Nagpost na ako dati ng ganito dito sa forum ng Gameclub kaya hindi to keylogger.
Ginawa ko lang to para maging cool ang Launcher natin. Hehehehe!

Crossfire 2.0 Launcher by jaguar01445


Few Modifications:
- Removed "Locate Crossfire" Button for a reason. But will be back after I find the problem.
- No more hidden text files to be generated
- .Net Framework 3.0
- Now 100% Free from Virus!

1. Extract inside your Crossfire folder
2. Create shortcut on Desktop
3. Run and Enjoy!

Download: Google Drive (Download the .zip file kung ayaw niyo yung .exe)

Virus Scans:
Virustotal 0/59
Jotti Virusscan 0/18​

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