Friday, July 14, 2017

Blizzard's StarCraft: Remastered video explores the making of a classic

Orcs in spaaaace.

In the first of a series of videos building up to StarCraft: Remastered’s launch, Blizzard looks back at the development of the original StarCraft, including the first time it was shown off and got branded as ‘Orcs in space’.
StarCraft alumni like Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime recall a frantic period, where the company had to quickly produce something to reveal at a show and rapidly put together a prototype that’s quite different from the game that was launched in 1998. “We kinda felt like we got our asses handed to us,” remembers Blizzard chief development officer Frank Pearce.
And if you’ve been worried that too many changes might ruin the formula, Blizzard is adamant that StarCraft: Remastered will be the StarCraft you remember. “We’re not trying to improve it, you can’t mess with perfection, but rather we’re bringing what was cutting edge in 1998 back to today’s standards in 2017.”
StarCraft: Remastered is due out on August 14.

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