Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Battlefield 1's forthcoming Lupkow Pass map showcased in new video

YouTuber spends about an hour and a half playing the snow-themed battleground.

Battlefield 1's next expansion, In The Name of the Tsar, doesn't actually release until September. But the new map Lupkow Pass will release officially next month – and it's been rolled out on the CTE already. If you're not one to get involved with early testing phases, then here's over an hour of footage of the map in action.
Based in the Carpathian Mountains, the map naturally has a thick layer of snow covering it, as well as ravines, mountains – stuff you'd associate with the Carpathian Mountains. It's an infantry-based map, though each team has a plane, and there are horses, too.
The video, which is embedded above, comes courtesy of Westie. The map will be available in August to Battlefield 1 Premium Members. Here's a handy rundown of the Battlefield 1 DLC schedule.

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