Friday, June 23, 2017

Gigantic, the free-to-play hero shooter, will officially launch next month

And it's made the jump to Steam, too.

Ah, Gigantic. One of those colourful, approachable, charismatic "hero shooters" tasked with the unenviable struggle of competing with Overwatch. It will commence doing so officially come July 20, because that's when the game will officially launch on Steam.
Developed by Motiga, the 5v5 game is currently in Open Beta on the Arc platform, so you can go play it right now. But even when it releases it'll be a free-to-play title, much like fellow colourful hero shooter Paladins and, more recently, Gearbox's abortive Battleborn.
For those who have been playing Gigantic already, the move to open beta ushers in a few additions, including bot matches, voice chat and better tutorials for newcomers. There's a trailer embedded below to celebrate the open beta, so check it out.


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