Thursday, June 29, 2017

G2A will soon require key sellers to provide their name and address to buyers

But does it have to be their real name and address?

G2A is making changes to its marketplace that will require game key resellers to provide detailed information to their customers, including full names and addresses. The site said the changes, set to take place on July 1, will "give more transparency to buyers and more control to sellers."
“These changes are the next logical step towards making our marketplace more transparent,” a G2A rep told PCGamesN. “Every [buyer] should be able to know who they are buying from—this applies to G2A as well as to every other marketplace in the world. [Sellers] will now have to be more open to their buyers and provide more information."
The rep also positioned the change as good for sellers as well as G2A, saying that it's a chance for them "to build a real brand for themselves, one that does not only exist within the confines of G2A."
Because some sellers are businesses, however, they won't have to use their home addresses, or presumably even real names. There's also no indication as to how stringent G2A will be with its new policy—whether it will require some sort of verifiable registration, or if a post office box owned by "Uranus Hertz Game Key Emporium" will be sufficient. If all that's required is an online form and maybe an email verification—basically the same process as signing up for Facebook—then it's probably not going to have much of an impact on people who use stolen credit cards to make bulk purchases and resales.
G2A is also adding a new "automatic geolocation" feature that it said will streamline its marketplace. "Buyers will no longer have to select their location from a drop-down menu when purchasing an item on," it said in the announcement. "Instead, their location will be determined automatically using data taken from independent and reliable sources."
I've reached out to G2A for more information about how the system will work, and will update if and when I receive a reply.

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