Friday, June 2, 2017

Fidget Spinner Review

I Have Been Researching And Purchasing Many Fidget Spinners, I Am Now A Self Proclaimed Expert. I Am Going To Review The Top 3 Most Common Models So You Guys Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Money

First We Are Going To Start The Cheaper Side

Low-Mid End Fidget Spinner

(Fake Bearing Next To A Real One)

The Unboxing Experience Is Nearly Identical To The Typical Midrange Spinner And The Middle Bearing Is Very Similar In Quality To Your Average Mid Range Spinner, Where This Spinner Falls Apart Is The 3 Bearings Around The Edge To Increase Spin Time Are Actually Just Peices Of Metal With Plastic Around Them To Make Them Look Real. Therefor They Are Cheaper But The Spin Time Suffers. I Have Calculated The Spin Time To Be Around 45-50 Seconds On Average.

Midrange "Average Joe" Spinner

This Spinner Is By Far The Most Common, A Simple Colorful Design, In A Simple Box. But It Works Very Well. The Spin Time Is A Wopping 110-120 Seconds. By Far The Best In The Group. These Are Generally Cheap, But You Get A Great Value With This Spintime

HighEnd LED Spinner

This Spinners Unboxing Experience Is By Far The Best, The Box Is Colorful And Soft. The Spinner Itself It Made Out Of A Lighter Plastic And Features 3 Led Moduals, Each Capable Of 4 Different Color Modes, And Have Red,Blue,And Green. Where This Spinner Falls Apart Is Due To The LED Moduals There Is No Bearings In The Sides, Making Them Not Spinable, But Also Making The Device Much Much Lighter Punishing Its Spin Time. This Spinner Has A Spintime Of Between 30-45 Seconds, Making It The Worst Performer And A Terrible Bang For The Buck. I Wouldn't Recommend This Spinner As A Daily Driver, But Maybe For Parties Or Tricksters.

Thanks For Reading My Review On These Spinners, I Hope I Have Influenced You On What Model To Buy

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