Sunday, June 25, 2017

Elder Scrolls fans are (politely) upset about four-legged dragons in Legends

The CCG's new Skyrim expansion's art seems to take some liberties with the series' lore.

Pictured: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We enjoy ourselves some The Elder Scrolls: Legends around these parts, with Tim calling it a "viable [Hearthstone] competitor with better deck diversity" in his review earlier this year.  The first major expansion, Heroes of Skyrim, is due out on 29 June, and adds more than 150 cards. As you'll have guessed from the title of both the set, and this story, the theme is heavily dragon-flavored—and not all the fans are happy about the lore.
Reddit user ShiaLePork has collected community complaints into a thread on the Legends subreddit, singling out three cards that are "problematic... lore-wise." The hot-button issue pertains to dragons and their legs. The Wildfire Dragon card has four legs, and Shia points out that dragons in the Elder Scrolls only have two—with wings serving as its front appendages. However, he does note that the Daedra Peryite will at times appear "as a four-legged dragon, but that is just to mock them." Either way, it's definitely not a dragon you'd find in the land of Tamriel.
Additionally, Shia holds issue with the World Eater Alduin card. It also shows a dragon with four legs, but as Shia mentions, it "looks nothing like" Skyrim's big bad boss boy.
The concerned Redditor also brings up the Dova of the Voice card. This issue is fairly simple: Shia says that it should either be spelled "Dovah" or "Dov" (the latter being plural). You can see all three cards below.
Shia finishes his post by adding that they have "nothing but respect" for developer Dire Wolf Digital, but they're not the only one that has taken issue with this four-legged problem. In a different Reddit thread, more fans have taken issue with Alduin's legs and appearance, while another thread is devoted entirely to letting Bethesda know what the World Eater actually looks like.
As Tim noted in his review, Dire Wolf Digital has been responsive to feedback, and has also updated card art that had issues in the past, such as Loyal Housecarl, so it wouldn't be surprising if something changes. I've contacted Bethesda for comment and will keep you updated as this situation develops.