Monday, June 26, 2017

Cars Remote Kill v1.0 for Scarlight

Crossfire Cars Remote Kill v1.0 for Scarlight CFPH Mod Cheat Download

E release ko na to ang remotekill for Scarlight and other guns. para sumikat ulit ang pag gamit ng scarlight sa CFPH. e release ko na tong na discover ko 2 months ago :)

tips: wag nyo e ratrat kundi pitik pititk lang

my respect list and BIG thanks to
@geopulse @RCC @Xinsanity @joshuasantos @mae @ehjay @anonplay @Shooter-x @Bladymyr @Ez Gaming @russel presidente @crossfire332 and @DannyMods @TorngoldTwist @THIRD

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  1. Paano po ba yung rezfile? kasi noong unang try ko gumana namin pero yung pangalawang araw nag aout of memory na.

  2. yung ona na remote kill ay walan laman paano po mag inject na isa lan ? answer po

  3. tae naman pano mag inject ng isang file sa rez