Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[1.40] Enough's Cheat Engine Table | RP, ANTI AFK, TP, INF AMMO...

GTA V [1.40] Enough's Cheat Engine Table | RP, ANTI AFK, TP, INF AMMO... GTA 5 Hack Cheat Download

What can you do with this?
RP Multiplier
Change GTA ONLINE Name (temporal)
Unlimited ammo
Unlimited magazine

+ Added 1.40 support (seems to be safe)
- Remove DLC unlocks
- Removed money tunables

Is it safe?

This question gets asked a lot and the answer is yes (for now). Even if it uses Cheat Engine it's safe (Cheat Engine itself is not detected). Actually Instant RP is safer than the instant RP found on other mods.


Cheat Engine

How to use?

Open the .CT file
Click on the computer icon (upper left part)
Click on "Open"
Now just edit the values / enable the mods you want to use
RP Tip: If you want to increase RP quickly just set the RP Multiplier to 75 kill some people and escape from police that's it. (Higher multipliers seem to be not working)

How to TP: Set a waypoint on the map and click on active.

Virus Scan:

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