Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Tekken 7 trailer showcases a handful of the series' best

King, Nina, Eddy, Jack-7, Steve Fox, and Lucky Chloe are the stars of this Japanese Tekken 7 trailer.

Say it with me: Tekken 7 is almost out on PC. The game comes out on June 2, and with it comes a bunch of the series' best fighters. Some of them are highlighted in a recently released trailer (above) that shows off their new looks, while new character Lucky Chloe gets her own chance in the spotlight.

Tekken 7 is really nailing the look of its characters. King has a cape, Steve Fox is in full boxing attire, and King has a cape. Oh, and did I forgot to mention that King has a cape? Because he does, and it's fantastic. I'm a firm believer that all professional wrestlers should wear capes—except for JBL, who would say everyone looks stupid in their capes—and King does not disappoint.

We also get a look at Eddy Gordo, Jack-7, Miguel Rojo, and Nina Williams, who's still wear a wedding gown. As for new character Lucky Chloe, she wears cat-like clothing and break dances to defeat her foes—Eddy doesn't seem to like it, either.

Tekken 7 hits PC on June 2. While you can expect to see many classic characters, you won't see the boxing kangaroo Roger Jr. Remember that video of a man punching a kangaroo to free his dog from its grip? Well, executive producer Katsuhiro Harada was worried that animal activists would complain about a kangaroo's inclusion in a fighting game. Tekken 7's two very nice bears, however, are "obviously stronger than a human being."


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