Saturday, April 22, 2017

THD Pub Hack v1.7

THD Pub Hack v1.7 SF1 PSF Special Force PlayPark Cheat Download


Supported OS:
Windows 7 x32/x64 Undetected
Windows 8 x32/x64 Undetected
Windows 8.1 x32/x64 Undetected
Windows 10 x32/x64 Undetected
Windows XP x32 Undetected

Added New Features:
Rapid Fire
Damage Hack
(Fix) 15000K EXP Per Game
(Fix) Auto Kjump
God Mode

From 04/21/2017 to 04/23/2017

How to use:
Press Insert Key to Show | Hide Menu
Use THD DLL Injector by StebX or any compatible injector

Note: Inalis ko na sa loader para wala na magtatanong kung ano user at pass
At para na din hindi na mahirapan taga Extract ng dll ko sa loader :P

Hindi ito compatible sa GH Injector, mag dump file gawa ng protection ng dll
so bahala na kayo mag hanap ng injector na compatible sa OS nyo.

Injector Settings:

yong mga working na sa kanila feedback naman kayo kung ano Operating System nyo at bit ng ganahan naman ako :D

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