Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PointBlankPH Clean WallHack

PointBlankPH Clean WallHack PBPH Garena Cheat Download

Supported all OS 

1. Extract Loader
2. Run as Admin

Loader Not Working?
Download This:

Loader not Responding?
Run it in Compability Mode in Windows 7

Hack not Working?
Note: if you are using 64bit OS, Download and install both VC2012 32/64 bit
you must Disable your DeepFreeze if you have.

ScreenShot Proven by @Jason Jamsoso

Note: First inject is Detected . Try it Again then it will be OK.

Download Link:



Virus Scan 

dont worry of that its just a False detection

Dont Forget to Say Thanks :D

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