Friday, April 7, 2017

GTA Online Players Get Double Rewards In These Events This Week

GTA Online players are getting a fresh round of bonuses. Resurrection, the game's new team deathmatch-style adversary mode, will reward you with double RP and GTA$ this weekend.

If you're more into the game's Stunt Race Series, there are extra bonuses for you, too: players are getting double RP and GTA$ on all 15 stunt races for the next five days. There are also in-game deals on land and sea. This week, players will get 25% off the following:

  • Watercraft: Aquarius, Pieces, and Orion Yachts, Nagasaki Dinghy
  • Vehicle Customizations: Bulletproof Tires, Suspensions, Resprays
  • Ammo

The Special Vehicle Race Bumblebee (locked to the Rocket Voltic) is this week's Premium Race, and players will can earn double RP and GTA$ in that until April 10. Starting April 11, Tube Rider (locked to the Ruiner 2000) becomes the Premium Race.

Lastly, the Time Trial Course is Route 68 until April 10, after which it will switch over to LSIA. Of course, if you're just in the mood to cruise in a classic sports car, the Grotti Turismo Classic is the newest addition to the game, available at Legendary Motorsport.