Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cheat Pointblank Indonesia Hack [06]

Pointblank Indonesia 06 April 2017

- Hide Menu
- Exit Key
- Move Menu
D3d Hacks
- Wallhack
- Crosshair
- Remove Smoke
- Remove Fog
Player Hacks
- Bypass Server Full
- Grade Hack
- Anti Drop
- Anti Kick
- Bypass room Locked
- Skip abuse
- Auto Invite
- Kick All Player
Weapon Hacks
- Semi Recoil
- Fast Reload
- Quick Change
- Refresh Weapon
- Brutal fire
Esp Hacks
- Esp Name
- Esp Head
- Esp Line
- Esp Health
- Esp Skeleteon
- Friendly Esp
Aimbot Hacks
- Aimbot Mode
- Aim Key
- Key Mode
- Autofire
- Auto Headshoot
- Aim TargetHard Hacks
- Auto Kill
- Shield Autokill
- Acid Fire
- MRBomber
- Select Player
- Kick Player
Bug Hacks

Before using hack your computer must normal (no detect without hack)
1. Download and extract file
2. run Mrsnapzus (run as admin)
3. Replace File / Paste Crypto.dll at folder game
E:\PointBlank\GarenaPB\GameData\Apps\PB [sample Directory]
4. Click Start Game
Biasakan gunakan char tumbal 5-10 menit sebelum menggunakan char kesayangan kalian untuk mengetahui cheat terdeteksi autobanned atau tidak 
How Fix Acces Denied 

- Support Altab
- Support all windows

Game Server

- Before Download, Must Turn Off Anti virus and firewall
- Before Download, Setting UAC -> Never Notify me (windows 7 or higher)
- After Download clean your computer with AdwCleaner
- Every file just work for 1 day
- Install directX if get error d3dx9_43.dll

How To Clean Computer After Download

Download Now

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