Tuesday, April 4, 2017

[BETA] Crossfire Philippines Hack

We are releasing our newest product for SimpleTools Soft.
This new product is called Crossfire PH Loader.

Crossfire PH Loader will load & inject a hacked DLL to the Crossfire game.
It will enable the following functions & features:
Visible Ghost
No Recoil
Auto Headshot
Quick Weapon Swap
Quick Reload
Max Area Hit
Fly Hack
Jump Hack
Speed Knife
Katana in Zombie Mode
Replace Knife to Assasin Knife
Esp Name (Show Name)
Esp Box
Esp 3D Box
ESP Health
ESP Skeleton
Test: C4 Hack
Crossfire Loader is FREE until further notice.

How to Use (See Gallery below)

Pre-downloading X3.DLL
Start Crossfire PH Loader
Click Launch Crossfire
Wait for Crossfire to start then close it when you see the login screen.
Extreme Injector Usage
Start Crossfire PH Loader
Start Extreme Injector
Follow the Guide from Gallery #5~9
Switch back to Crossfire PH Loader
Click Launch Crossfire
Now Hack is active.

Download Now