Saturday, April 22, 2017

Anti Invi + Invi With Fix Death Animation

Crossfire PH FastKnife 20x Per Click


P.S. If it's your first time to extract REZ and inject LTB files then find the extractor.exe and injector program and its TUTORIAL Here Tutorial

Instruction For Rez Injector/Extractor

  • Extract the Anti Invi + Invi Male.rar and get the M-MOTION1.LTB​
  • Extract your RF016.REZ that is located in your crossfire rez directory (Crossfire 2.0/rez)​
  • After extracting RF016.REZ go Inject the M-MOTION1.LTB to M-Motion.ltb.​

This Is what it look Likes 

Tips to make it work:
1. Follow the instructions carefully.
2. Only use GP characters. (eg. SWAT, OMOH, SAS)

Tips for less client error:
1. Avoid water, electric, fountain, slide.
2. Wait for it to crouch before moving and don't stop/idle for too long.

Tips for less death:
1. Avoid jumping and always remember your character is on your right, so take cover. :)

Password: MODCFPH

Virus Scan's

Virus Total 

Virus Jotti 

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