Sunday, March 5, 2017

SNIPER X WITH JASON STATHAM VER. 1.7.1-1711 [Offline+Online]+[MEGA MOD]


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Official Video Preview:


1. Cheat Detection Removed/Disabled
2. Root detection Removed/Disabled
3. No Internet Required for the Missions, Just Needs The First Initial Internet Connection
4. No Initial Update Detection Required-Disabled
5. Unlimited Gold
6. Unlimited Cash
7. Unlimited Energy
8. Energy Cost 0
9. Level Up On Each Accomplished Mission
10. No Reload
11. Unlimited Ammo
12. Unlimited Weapon Magazine
13. 100% Immunity - God Mod
14. Signature Bypass
15. Dll Bypass
16. No Recoil
17. Weapons Stability 100%
18. Unlimited Drop Rewards
19. High Damage
20. Enemy Slow Motion To Half
21. No ADS, Not Tested
22. License Verification Removed
23. Unlimited Immunity/Health percentage
24. Better Focused Aiming
25- Enemy Bosses With Lowest Immunity
26. Unlimited Spotters
27. Unlimited Focus
28. Unlimited Suppression
29. Unlimited Drone Strike

Hacks Proof:

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Unsigned For Rooted Phones
UnHidden Content:

Signed For Non-Rooted Phones
UnHidden Content:

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