Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rock Band Dev Announces A Cool-Sounding New Music Game

Rock Band developer Harmonix today announced its next game--and it's probably not what you expect. DropMix is music-based game that Harmonix is working on with toy company Hasbro.

"It's completely unlike anything else you've ever played," Harmonix said in a blog post.

DropMix is a card-based music game that ties into a free iOS and Android app. Every card represents a different component of a song, including vocal tracks, guitar, bass, and drums. When you place cards on a physical game board, a custom mix of a song will play in real time.

The first announced mode for DropMix is called "Clash," which supports 1v1 or 2v2 variants.

"There's a lot of depth and strategy to Clash Mode, but the core idea is that you earn points by playing cards and it's a race to 21," Harmonix explained. "There's also an option to save your mix to your device, so when you're playing and you've got those cards sounding just right, you can save it for you and your friends to enjoy."

DropMix is scheduled to launch in September 2017, with more than 300 cards available. As is the case with the Rock Band series, a lot of genres are represented, as you can see in the setlist image below.

On the more immediate horizon for Harmonix is Rock Band VR, which launches on March 23. A lot of new songs for the game were announced this week

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