Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nintendo Reveals More Switch Games, Including Some Exclusives

With Switch launching in just a few days, Nintendo today highlighted many of the indie games on the way to the platform.

As part of its Nindies Showcase (above), Nintendo made a number of exciting Switch game announcements. These include SteamWorld Dig 2 (launching this summer); the latest Bit.Trip game, Runner 3 (a Switch exclusive coming this fall); and a 16-bit "spiritual successor" to Retro City Rampage called Shakedown Hawaii (releasing first on Switch this April).

We also got a look at what we now know is called Wargroove, the Advance Wars-esque strategy game from Starbound developer Chucklefish. That launches on Switch later this year with local and online multiplayer support for one to four players.

Many of the games covered during the broadcast were announced as launching this year, but without specific dates. One exception was Blaster Master Zero, a follow-up to Blaster Master that features "new and improved gameplay systems" and a two-player mode. It comes exclusively to Switch and 3DS on March 9.

Other games coming in the near future include Pocket Rumble, a 2D fighting game from Chucklefish and Cardboard Robot Games, which launches in March. In April, we'll see Mr. Shifty, a stealthy, teleportation-centric action game, and Graceful Explosion Machine, a side-scrolling shooter. Both of these launch first on Switch.

Stardew Valley was already known to be coming to Switch (in lieu of a Wii U version), but Nintendo announced it will be the first console to offer its new multiplayer support. The game itself launches this summer.

Nintendo said more than 60 indie games are slated for release on Switch this year. You can check out the full presentation in the video above,

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