Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CFPH Public Hack [Geopulse Project] V BETA

This is the first version of my new hack series called "Geopulse Softwares/Project". Now you might thinking what is this software, well I created this aiming to create various hacks in various games. And of course, I'll start with CF since I started in the hacking scene here


  • Fly Hack/Freeze Height
  • No Bug Damage
  • Always Head Shot
  • No Grenade Damage
  • No Fall Damage


  • Up Arrow Key -> To Freeze the height (To do the fly hack)
  • Down Arrow Key -> To Unfreeze the height
  • The rest are auto on


  • Use fly hack in a short duration only or it will cause client errors and don't do it frequently!!
  • Your bullets have the same damage even with always head shot.

link-------> https://www.sendspace.com/file/zu6u5j

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