Friday, March 10, 2017

Bsmikee semi VIP hack( Avoid Kick/Ban)

Bsmikee semi VIP hack( Avoid Kick/Ban)


64 bit -- Tested(Undetected)

Naked Wallhack - Auto On - NEW!
No Recoil - OPTIONAL
Unli Ammo - OPTIONAL
Rapid Slash - OPTIONAL
Rapid Zombie Slash - OPTIONAL
Rapid Fire - OPTIONAL
EXP Hack 2500 - OPTIONAL

GUERILLA Hacks are Removed due to disconnection after 1 game

For those who encounter Disconnecting, DO NOT turn on the Exp Hack. It may not be compatible for your OS.

Kapag nakareceive ng "Dump File Error" , Exit SF and Inject again.
Kapag nagloko ang iyong baril o hindi gumana ang RAPID FIRE, Umalis sa ROOM at Pumasok Ulit

Whats New? Optional Features POPS up after injection


1. Download and Install (Choose)
<-For 32 bit users
2. Download This ->
Spoiler: Link
3. Follow the instruction in this tut video

Note: Use at your own risk

Virus Scan(False Positive - Safe)

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