Monday, March 13, 2017

[03-13-2017]WarRock Ph Public Hack


Player Related:
ZOPK Save Position - Numpad 4
ZOPK On - Numpad 5
ZOPK Off - Numpad 6
SuperJump - Left Control
Dig - Left Alt
NoFallDamage - Auto
autoammo/medic - Auto
Unlimited Stamina - Auto, working on second game/re spawn
Fast lock on - Auto
Fast re-spawn - Auto
Fast plant - Auto
Fast defuse - Auto
Anti-AFK - Auto
Increase-speed - hold arrow up key

D3D Related:
Wallhack On/Off - INSERT Button
Player Wireframe On/Off- Numpad 7
Player Chams On/Off- Numpad 8
Player Color Changer On/Off- Numpad 9

Weapon Related:
NoReload - hold arrow left key
Always Headshot - hold arrow right key
NoRecoil - Auto
SuperNoSpread - Auto

Map Related:
FullBright - Auto
NoWater - Auto
Nofog - Auto
NoBoundary - Auto

Server Related:
Level - Visual
Premium - Visual
Dinar - Visual
Slots - Visual


Use undetected injector.
OPK will work in all AI Maps only
Good luck Players!


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