Monday, February 20, 2017

Touhou Crossfire UI Mod V3.1 -RF019 / RF147


Loading Background
Login Background
Server Background
Channel Background
Lobby Background
GameRoom Background
Exit/Quit Background
Gacha/Lotto Background
Lotto Background(spin)
Win/Lose popup
Scoreboard FFA
Scoreboard ZA
Rank Match Background(you can see the map,chat and the room/players)
Mission Fail/Mission Success/Time Limit(za)
RM FFA Loading Background
RM DM/FFA Loading Characters
and there's more....but you know i can't type them all ryt?

I released this one on a forum i manage, a week ago, and some people here might like this one , so here it is. As always, Keep your accounts safe, Download this mod here in ramleague, or in the forum I manage, to lessen the risk of someone adding a keylogger, and trick people. Don't forget to Smash the thanks button or i'll smash you.

Download Now

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