Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rainbow Six Siege's Other New Character Teased

The second of Rainbow Six Siege's two new characters coming in the Velvet Shell update has been revealed.

As seen in the brief trailer below, Mira is a female Operator who is capable of blowing a hole through reinforced walls. Rather than destroying it completely, it appears to create a rectangular hole but otherwise leaves the wall intact.

Ubisoft's blog post teases there's something more that happens, though it doesn't share any actual details. This ability would seemingly overlap a great deal with the one wielded by Thermite, who can also deal with these walls. Citing the text at the bottom that reads "expulsar" (Spanish for "expel"), players have speculated that she may actually be creating a hole that's covered by glass.

A full reveal for Mira and the remainder of the Velvet Shell update is just days away. Siege's Six International tournament takes place this weekend, February 3-5. Ubisoft plans to showcase Velvet Shell with a live demo during the event ahead of its release on February 7.

We've already gotten a brief glimpse at the update's other new character, Jackal, who is also a member of Spain's Grupo Especial de Operaciones. Based on what we saw, he has the ability to spot enemy footprints on the ground.

Both characters will be available for free to Year 2 season pass owners on February 7, while everyone else can purchase them a week later. Also coming on that day is a free new map, Coastline, that's set in Spain.

A free weekend event for Siege kicks off on February 2, letting anyone on PS4, Xbox One, or PC try out the game for free until February 5.

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