Tuesday, February 14, 2017

League of Legends APM Monitor

APM Monitor

Why use this?
- To improve your apm.
Many coaches are talking a lot about always moving etc. However, I find it quite hard to focus on that all the time without any real feedback.

- Starts automatically with your game and shows the result during and after the game
- counts clicks, keys, time total
-calculates apm,cpm and kpm
- displays it in a graph minute based
- u can safe the graph as a png image
- and of curse its free

1.Extract zip file.
2. Start Exe File (before the game, during the game, in champ select, does not matter it starts counting once the game is running).
You can keep the program open if you like it will automatically count again next game.

Virus scans:

Virustotal: 0 / 57
Jotti: 0/18 scanners reported malware.

Download Now
Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/suo4ji

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