Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kimcil Baper Tools v3.4 - 15.February.2017 (GMT +7 (Jakarta))

CSGO Hack Kimcil Baper Tools v3.4 - 15.February.2017 (GMT +7 (Jakarta)) Counter Strike Global Offensive Cheat Download

Kimcil Baper Tools v3.4

Status: UNDETECTED (15.February.2017 GMT +7 (Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi))
Compiled: NEW STUB (15.February.2017 GMT +7 (Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi))




1. RCS is improved
2. Change Developer Contact
3. Change some algorithm to fix McAfee -
4. All security updates that implemented are no longer post here


GlowESP - F6
Aimbot - F7
BunnyHop - END
LSHIFT + Key 8 for Bone = 8 (Head)
LSHIFT + Key 7 for Bone = 7 (Neck)
LSHIFT + Key 6 for Bone = 6 (Chest)
No need to close application and open it again to change Bone
Exit - F11

How To

1. Open CS:GO (Lobby or In Game)
2. Open Kimcil Baper Tools v3.4 (Run as Administrator)
3. Set the Key, Speed, Bone, and FOV in the beginning of running program
4. Return to CS:GO
5. Enable features
6. Enjoy

Adapted from Kimcil Aimbot Tool and Kimcil Multihack Tools

Virus Scans

Virus Total

Bug Bounty

Kimcil Baper Tools is never implemented Malware, Backdoor, Payload.
If you find a Malware, Backdoor, Payload algorithms in executable file, please PM me.
Bounty : $100 USD or Rp 1.300.000 IDR


1. If you got Valve Anti-Cheat on CS:GO, please take a screenshot of CS:GO Home and steamcommunity link.
2. Kimcil Baper Tools is never implemented Malware, Backdoor, Payload, and so on.
3. Verify Integrity of Game Cache before use / start matchmaking and after finish / before Log Out
4. This Public hack is used by many users.
5. If CS:GO have new updates, Do not use this tool.

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