Friday, February 17, 2017

KalvinOWNS aka iWantToLearn PSF Public Hack

KalvinOWNS aka iWantToLearn PSF Public Hack Special Force PlayPark Philippines Cheat Download

KalvinOWNS aka iWantToLearn since 2k12

As i promise here is my Hack , i removed some functions for public use :)

Its still the Same on Screenshot just remove norecoil/fixed sp & exp/gametype

Instruction :

1. Open ExRamL Injector - Run as Administrator

2. Settings : Injection Types - Manual Map / Injection Delay : 100 / Injection Option : Auto Inject

3. Process : SpecialForce.exe

4. Browse KalvinOWNS.dll

Features : 

Chams - Player/All
Naked Chams
Xhair - 5
Guerilla SP 1000 - 10000%
Guerilla EXP 1000 - 10000%

Note : ONCE YOU INJECT MY HACK DON'T DO ANY ALT TAB TO AVOID DETECTION / DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER WINDOW OR APPS , once you leave the specialforce windows hack will be detected

For those who encounters memory dump after activating guerilla hack ,
Play 1 game without guerilla activated, then after the game, you can now activate guerilla before starting another game

This is 100% Working its up to you if you face any problem

All OS Supported
Windows Xp
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Download Now

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!