Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Epic Has Six Games In The Works

Epic has at least six games currently in the works, the developer told VentureBeat in a new interview. These include Fortnite for PC, as well as the PS4 and PC free-to-play game Paragon and a new version of Unreal Tournament, which is also free on PC.

Additionally, the studio is partnering with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams' Bad Robot studio on a mobile and PC title called Spyjinx, which is being worked on by Epic's Chair Entertainment.

What's more, Epic is at work on an Oculus-funded virtual reality game called Robo Recall, while the studio just today announced tactical RPG for mobile and PC called Battle Breakers.

Also in the VentureBeat interview, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney talked about the publisher's approach to working with publishers.

"We are determined to go back to our roots and go directly to users without publisher relationships," he said. "The friction that is there. It's so much better to operate a game live and change it in response to consumer feedback. Paragon has changed so much in response. It's a continual dialogue. It's like going back to the days when we first started. That's what Epic is all about."

We also learn in the interview that Paragon has around 800,000 players.

"We're very encouraged," Epic's Donald Mustard said. "The numbers are growing every month. It will go gold at some point. It has given us some amazing learnings."

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