February 10, 2017

BSMIKEE PUB Hack v3(No Recoil, EXP and SP Hack)

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PSF BSMIKEE PUB Hack v3(No Recoil, EXP and SP Hack) Special Force PlayPark Philippines Cheat Download

Enjoy! ;)

WARNING: Only use PHC Injector!

Windows 7 -- Tested(Undetected)
Windows XP, 8 or 10 -- Not Tested(Maybe Detected)

64 bit -- Tested(Undetected)
32 bit -- Not Tested(Maybe Detected)

No Recoil - Auto On <----- Para gumana sa Snipe, Magswitch ka sa knife then ibalik mo sa Sniper.
Guerilla SP Hack (300%) - Auto On
Guerilla SP Hack (3000%) - Auto On

Pakibasa Bago Gamitin!
-Dapat Meron Kang Double UP


1. Download and Install (Choose)
For 32 bit users: https://www.sendspace.com/file/pez3cf
For 64 bit users: https://www.sendspace.com/file/0r317a

2. Download This:  https://www.sendspace.com/file/eav2vp
3. Follow the Instructions in this TUT VIDEO

Sundin ng mabuti ng Hindi madetect!

-wag kakalimutang i-click ang "Inject' bago i -start ang SF
-wag kakalimutang I-Check ang "Erase PE Headers" ng hindi ma detect

Note: Use at your own risk

Virus Scan(False Positive - Safe)
Antivirus scan for 6dd948566acbf2fa0883fb69ca452e76a97f625cdffeff830bd0d0f0cf25253c at UTC - VirusTotal

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