Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Willi27's Gui v6 [More Functions, Duke Nukem Soundpack]

Hey everyone! I'm back, i got borred and i downloaded again warrock and played a little bit. I added more Functions for Version 6.

[.DLL Protection]
- .dll is protected with Themida
- XIGNCODE 3 is Bypassed. I included ASM Functions in the Cheat.
- The WarRock startup take more time to load the Memory.

[How to Use]
1. Unpack
2. Start the Injector
3. Start Warrock
4. Press Einfg (Insert Key to open Menu)
5. Mouse controlled Menu..

[Change Log]
- Fixed RadarGPS is working now.
- Added Unl.Ammo, AutoAmmo, NoWater, NoRestriction,KillOPKFuckers,Unl.Run,Skywalk,FastA LL

- This Trainer is very stable and hardware resources friendly
- You don't need any microsoft redistributable's or .NET Frameworks.
- The Cheat is not supported on Windows XP ( I didn't test on this OS), but working on every Windows OS
- I see on last time lot of shit on another release's thats use some codes from and me and croner didn't get any credits.. hm..
- Kill the OPK Fucks are teleporting you to the Zero Ground.
- D3D Chams ColorA is the main Color from the Player.
- D3D Chams ColorB is the secound Color from the Player.
- D3D Chams ColorC is the main Color from the Player where standing behind the walls.
- Don't worry you can disable Sounds
- If you enable Unl.Ammo you can deal Damage with Granates and Rockets! Other Weapons deal no damage
- You can enable Unl.Ammo just in Game! This Function will disable automatic, when you leave InGame.
-Kill OPK Fuckers is teleporting yourself to the Zero Ground.

Superjump: Strg
Move Menu: With Arrow Keys, With Mouse hold the Middle Mouse Button
Dig: Alt (Menu Key)
Teleport: Save Position with Numpad 0 and Load lasted saved Position with Numpad 1
Vehicle Jump: Space Key
Bing To: Middle Mouse Button
Auto Ammo: Hold Middle Mouse Button

Before you download this Cheat! Please read all Informations! This Cheat is not working for WarRock Philippines.

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