Saturday, January 14, 2017

Watch: Samsung video reveals possible Galaxy S8 design, and it’s gorgeous

Samsung may have inadvertently teased the design of the Galaxy S8 in two new videos posted to YouTube.

The company’s screen-manufacturing arm, Samsung Display, has published two short advertisements showing off the capabilities of its displays. But what’s interesting is that the handset depicted in both videos looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks we’ve seen so far.

The most notable feature is the lack of Home button, which is a design change widely tipped to be introduced on the Galaxy S8:

It’s expected that Samsung plans to integrate the functionality of the Home button into the display. This would involve embedding an optical fingerprint sensor below the glass on the phone. An advantage of this design shift is that the thickness of the bezel could be reduced significantly, as you can see in the videos:

Of course, Samsung Display’s video isn’t necessarily representative of any Samsung Mobile design plans, so take this report with a pinch of salt. While there’s no shortage of Galaxy S8 rumours, it’s still too early for us to say for sure what Samsung has planned for its next flagship.

Fortunately, the Galaxy S8 is likely to be just around the corner, with most tipsters pointing to a February reveal. It’s generally believed that Samsung will show off the new phone in Barcelona in late February, at MWC 2017 – that’s Mobile World Congress, an annual tech tradeshow that hosted last year’s Galaxy S7 launch.
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