Thursday, January 19, 2017

TowerFall Ascension Announced and Dated for Xbox One

TowerFall Ascension developer Matt Thorson has announced that the four-player local competitive platformer will be available on Xbox One from Jan 25, 2017, reports Eurogamer.

Originally released for the ill-fated Ouya in 2013, TowerFall made it to PS4 in 2014, and to Vita with cross-buy support in 2015. Thorson announced back in August 2015 that an Xbox One release was coming, but now we know when.

The Dark World expansion will also be made available on Xbox One on the same day.

For the uninitiated, or perhaps those that just need a refresher, check out the GameSpot crew flinging arrows at each other in a Multiple Players from 2014, below.

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!


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