January 17, 2017

Single Battle Mode Hack Activator + Guerilla SP Hack 2000%

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PSF1 Single Battle Mode Hack Activator + Guerilla SP Hack 2000% Special Force PlayPark Download 

64 bit - Tested(Undetected)
32 bit - Not Tested(Maybe Detected)

What is the Purpose
-Kapag nag join ka sa "Team Battle Mode" , magiging Single Battle Mode ang game at pwede mo patayin lahat ng kampi mo at magiging score mo yun.
-Hindi Madadagdagan ang Team Kill mo ,dahil ang game mode mo ay naging Single Battle imbis na Team Battle Mode
-Naka Single Battle Mode ka pero ang mga kampi at kalaban mo ay naka Team Battle Mode, so it means, pwede mo patayin lahat.

WARNING!!: Sumali lang sa mga "Waiting" na room at antayin i-start ng host ang game, Wag kang magjojoin sa "Playing" na room dahil hindi ka magrerespawn!

*Guerilla SP Hack 2000% (Auto On)

*Single Battle Mode Hack Activator (Auto On)
-Death Walker Mode = Singe Battle Mode
-Death Walker 2 Mode = Singe Battle Mode
-Team Battle Mode = Single Battle Mode
-Sniper Mode = Single Battle Mode

SS - Single Battle in Sniper Map LOL

1. Download and Install (Choose)
For 32 bit users: https://www.sendspace.com/file/pez3cf
For 64 bit users: https://www.sendspace.com/file/0r317a

2. Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ttzisb

3. Follow the Instructions in this TUT VIDEO

Note: Use at your own risk

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