Monday, January 2, 2017

[SFPH] Auto end game + 15k exp bypassed by d3vD4x

Operating System Used: Windows 7 64bit
Proof Working as of January 2, 2017

Screen Shot

Features: AUTO ON
Auto win (online) [Reminder!: You need to be the host for autowin]
15,000 exp per game (online)
Guerrilla EXP: 500
Guerrilla SP: 500

Instructions: put GameMerk.CFG into specialforce folder/data

Injector Used: Xenos
Settings: Manual Map
Inject delay: 1000
Inject interval: 300

If you got errors pls refer solutions here:

If XIGNCODE9 keep detecting try to clean your TEMP and PREFETCH.
Go to SF Folder > Go to xigncode folder> Delete the following:

go to Start Menu then search Run
Second type TEMP and delete all the files on TEMP Folder
then go to Start Menu again then search Run
type PREFETCH and delete all the files on PREFETCH Folder
Restart your computer ! Then try to load the hack again.

Credits to: CASPER, Devloper Dax

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