Thursday, January 12, 2017

PHC SF1 V5 Wallhack Chams Undetected

PHC SF1 V5 Wallhack Chams Undetected Special Force PlayPark Download

Chams(Front is Blue Behind Wall is Red)


1. Download (Nasa baba ang link)
2. Extract all and then Run xenos.exe, beside the process click select and then search for SpecialForce.exe in C:/Program Files (x86)/Playpark/Special Force/ or You can just type "SpecialForce.exe"
3. in process selection click "manual launch"
4. click add and then search for z7TOkpae2ozY7KpTHSrS+Q==.dll
5. click advance - injection type is manual map
6. General options click close after injection
7. set inject delay for 300ms
8. set inject interval for 300ms click ok
9. click inject and then start specialforce launcher.

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