Saturday, January 28, 2017

PSF Chams Wallhack + Xhair + 5000% Guerilla EXP/SP

[PH] PSF Chams Wallhack + Xhair +Guerilla EXP/SP Special Force PlayPark Cheat Download


Chams Auto On
XHair Numpad1
Guerilla EXP/SP(5000%) Auto On

How to use:

Open PH Injector
Select Manual Launch
Type in "SpecialForce.exe" with the " then Click Open
Click Add and browse for [PH]Chams + Xhair +Guerilla EXP+SP.dll
Click on Advanced and follow the settings below:

Injection Type = Manual Map

General Options:
Check on Close after Injection
Inject Delay = 300
Inject Interval = 300

Click on Open then Click on Inject.

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Credits to *** at linux boy.

wag klimutan mag like at thanks!

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