Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Naked Wallhack v2(01/18/17)

PSF1 Naked Wallhack v2(01/18/17) Special Force PlayPark Working Cheat Download Undetected

WARNING: USE RAML Injector Only!

Windows 7 -- Tested(Undetected)
Windows XP, 8 or 10 -- Not Tested(Maybe Detected)

64 bit -- Tested(Undetected)
32 bit -- Not Tested(Maybe Detected)



How to use:
(You May Need to turn of your Anti-Virus)
1. Download and Install this :

2. Go to SF FOLDER, GO to XignCode Folder
3. Delete xcorona_x64.xem and xcorona.xem
4. Go to C:\Windows\Prefetch and delete all files
5. Go to C:\Windows\Temp and delete all files

6. Download this :
7. Follow the Instruction Clearly And Properly on this Video:

Note: Use at your own risk

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