Monday, January 9, 2017

League of Legends Skin Tool/Hack - All Riot/PBE skins FREE!

~ Functions ~
1. Skin Changer ( original RIOT skins + Customized )
2. Hud Changer
3. Loading Screen Changer
4. Ward Changer
5. Map Changer
6. Sound Pack Changer

~ How to use: ~
1. Run League of Legends
2. Run skin tool ( Skin Lol.exe )
3. Choose your champion then champion's listed skin -> click "Change Skin"
4. And you have to take DEFAULT champion skin and enjoy, your skin will be loaded when starting

(LAS)(NA) (OCE) (RU) (TR)
(KR) (PBE) (JP) (PH)
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This client can be a little buggy, so feel free to ask questions and i'll se what i can do....and feel free to ask for my skype if any trouble!
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(Dave told me to do this)This program got AUTO-UPDATE: it has to have an internet connection to update, need upper staff to approve!

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