Monday, January 9, 2017

| EzHack v0.2 | Trigger Bot | No Flash | Bunny Hop | New Design |

EzHack v0.2

Should be safe to use until 10/01/17 

New Features:
-- Bunny Hop
-- No Flash
-- Improved Triggerbot
-- Optimized to Lower CPU Usage
-- GUI

Planned Features:
-- Change Name
-- Make a Cool Theme
-- Add Keybind for Triggerbot
-- Fix Customizable Delay
-- Add Glow

[0/54] VirusTotal
[0/18] Jotti

How to Use:
1) Start CS:GO
2) Join a Game
3) Start Hack
4) Enjoy

Remember: Hacking is always a gamble. Public cheats will get you banned.

All Feedback is Appreciated

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