Monday, January 16, 2017

EXP Hack v6 (2500 EXP every game)

EXP Hack v6 (2500 EXP every game) - 01/16/17 Special Force PlayPark Download

Windows 7 - Tested
Other OS - Not Tested

EXP Hack(2500 EXP every game) - Auto ON


1. Download and Install(Choose)
For 32 bit users:
For 64 bit users:
2. Go to SF FOLDER, GO to XignCode Folder
3. Delete xcorona_x64.xem and xcorona.xem
4. Go to C:\Windows\Prefetch and delete all files
5. Go to C:\Windows\Temp and delete all files
6. Download:
7. Copy and Paste EXPHACK.rar to SF Folder
8. Right Click EXPHACK.rar and Click "Extract Here"
9. It will Ask you to rewrite , Click "YES"
10. Start SF

Note: Use at your own risk

How to remove EXP Hack:
1. Download:
2. Copy and Paste Backup.rar to SF Folder
3. Right Click Backup.rar and Click "Extract Here"
4. It will Ask you to rewrite , Click "YES"
5. EXP Hack removed

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