Monday, January 9, 2017

Cheat Crossfire Indonesia Hack [09]

Crossfire Indonesia 09 Jan 2017

- See ghost
- Crosshair
- ESP Name Team - Enemies
- ESP Distance Team - Enemies
- ESP Line Team - Enemies
- ESP Box Team - Enemies
- ESP Box 3D Team - Enemies
- ESP Health Team - Enemies
- ESP Skeleteon Team - Enemies
- Jump Hack
- Fly Hack
- Anti fall Damage
- Anti Drop Auto On
- Aimbot
- Target Aimbot
- Part Aimbot

- Jika Terdeteksi Langsung Banned

Must Delete Old File
1. DLoad and extract file
2. Run File
3. Start Game

- Before DLoad must instal deepfreeze for avoid unknown installer
- or after DLoad clean your computer with AdwCleaner
- Dont Using Fly Hack And Jump Hack at Map Egypt - Stadium - AI
- Dont Jump Over ++ out of map
- Biasakan Login Dengan ID Tumbal Selama 5-7 Menit Sebelum menggunakan ID Asli kalian
Untuk Menghindari Hal tidak diinginkan (Banned Otomatis)
Karena kami tidak bisa menentukan kapan Security Game diupdate .

- Not Support Altab
- Support Windows Mode
- Support Windows XP
- Support Windows 7
- Not Tested Windows 8
- Not Tested Windows 10

Game Server
Lyto Game
- Indonesia

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