Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Xray Wallhack PSF Special Force Playpark

*Xray Wallhack(Limited Map Only)
-Bunker Buster
-Desert Camp(Do not go or Climb on Balconies or you will DIE)
-Predator B
-Shanghai(Don't go inside Office and Warehouses or you will Die ,also do not walk on the erased floor or you will die)


How to use(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to avoid Errors)
1. Download
2. Open the Rar. Inside you will see a folder called "data" folder.
3. Go to the Special Force folder
4. Drag the "data" folder to Special Force folder
5. It will ask you to rewrite , Click Yes To All . Or in windows 7-10 , Press Copy and Replace.
6. You're Done.
7. Play Game
8. Rampage the enemies and have fun!

Note: Use at your own risk.

If You want to REMOVE the Xray Wallhack(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to Avoid Errors)
1. Go Special Force Folder , go to data folder
2. Open area folder and delete "area_008.sff, area_009.sff, area_010.sff, area_011.sff, area_012.sff and area_013.sff".
3. You're done removing the Xray Wallhack

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