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Why these smartphones should be all you want this Christmas


1. Why these smartphones should be all you want this Christmas

2. Make Christmas even merrier with these smartphones

There’s no denying how important the smartphone has become in our daily

lives, but the role it plays has most certainly gone beyond just utility. In an age

where online aesthetic is actually an extension of one’s personality, and

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are the tools of the trade, a smartphone

with good photography features isn’t just an extravagance anymore—it’s a


This holiday season, it’s time to up your social media game with a smartphone

that easily gives you flawless travel photos, OOTD shots, and, of course,

selfies—no #vsco needed.

Here are three smartphones that we think should definitely belong on your

holiday wishlist:

1. The iPhone 7

The iPhone has been a long-time contender in smartphone photography, and

the iPhone 7 boasts a faster 12 megapixel lens with an aperture of f/1.8. It

also offers optical image stabilization, which when combined with the faster

lens, gives you clear pictures in low light—perfect for capturing moments from

concerts or spontaneous midnight road trips.

Apple’s claims of improved battery life in the iPhone 7 versus the iPhone 6

isn’t as noticeable, but with the inclusion of the A10 Fusion Chip, the iPhone 7

is lightning fast—meaning you can take pictures and navigate between your

social media apps with ease. Also, it charges relatively quickly.

The iPhone 7 is available in 4.7 inch models, and comes in Apple’s signature

silver, gold, and rose gold, as well as a stunning, new black matte finish.

Apple’s after-sales service is generally well-recommended. Although taking

units to Apple’s service centers may require a bit of your time, they go so far

as giving you temporary units while yours gets fixed. For more information,

you can call their customer support hotline at 1-800- 1441-0234 or 1-800-


The iPhone starts retailing at P 37, 990.

2. The Huawei P9

Huawei’s collaboration with Leica makes its latest smartphone, the Huawei

P9, an exciting choice for smartphone photography enthusiasts. Its 12 MP,

high-powered dual lens, each for RGB and monochrome, with a f/2.2

aperture, combine to give your photos a professional touch—not to mention,

you can choose to shoot in full DSLR mode. The Huawei P9 is known for its

defined bokeh feature and crisp monochrome setting. Likewise, its focus and

capacity for flare effects make it a good camera for vivid color representation

and low-light shooting.

The Huawei P9 doesn’t do anything differently battery-wise, but it does offer

fast charging support, and fares well in battery-heavy tasks such as video

streaming and gaming.

Smaller than the iPhone 7, the Huawei P9 comes in classic metallic

colors—haze gold, ceramic white, and titanium grey.

Huawei’s after-sales service challenges the norm by offering courier services.

Calling the customer service hotline at 1800-1853- 5353, 1800-8739- 5227, or

+63923-0990468 entitles you to a free pick-up and delivery of your Huawei

device, a painless process that saves you the trouble of going to service

centers or troubleshooting online by yourself.

The Huawei P9 is sold at P 23,999.

3. The Samsung S7

Samsung, a well-loved smartphone giant here in the Philippines, offers its

best technology in its latest model, the Samsung S7. Without the usual

graininess produced in photos taken by smartphones, the Samsung S7

camera takes impressive low-light shots with its 12 MP camera. It is one of the

few smartphones with f/1.7 aperture and dual pixel technology, as well as one

of the best autofocus settings on a smartphone camera—good for taking

action shots regardless of light.

The S7’s battery life is a significant improvement upon the S6, with power

saving mode and ultra power saving mode settings extending the life to up to

twice your usual usage. Aside from fast charging capabilities, it also offers a

wireless charging feature.

The S7 comes in four basic colors—black, white, silver, and gold—and is

sized at 5.1 inches.

Samsung’s stores offer service centers, which is convenient as there are

Samsung stores everywhere. Customer service agents can assist you with

simple repairs such as upgrading software, as well as more technical

troubleshooting. You can also contact them through their hotline at 1-800- 10-

7267864, 1-800- 8-7267864, or +63 (2) 422-2111.

The Samsung S7 is officially priced at P 34, 999.

All things said, each smartphone has its individual strengths and weaknesses,

but there is sure to be a specific make that is unique to your tastes and

lifestyle. Not sure which phone suits you? Take this quiz to better help you


holidays a whole lot merrier—noche buena foodstagrams and all.

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