Friday, December 23, 2016

Super Mario Run Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Super Mario Run has reached 50 million downloads. Nintendo announced the milestone on the game's Japanese Twitter account, where it also said it's giving all players 10 free Toad Rally tickets as a celebration.

"To show our gratitude to everyone who's downloaded [Super Mario Run], we are giving you all 10 Rally Tickets for free," reads a message delivered to players through Super Mario Run's in-game notification system. "Use them to enjoy all the fun of the Toad Rally. "

Super Mario Run was released on December 15, which means it has reached to 50 million downloads mark in just over a week. As previously detailed, it accumulated 40 million downloads in the first four days it was available.

The game is free to download, but only a limited selection of levels are playable until you purchase it for $10/£8. Nintendo has not released information on how many players have spent money on Super Mario Run.

According to a research firm, Super Mario Run was downloaded over 10 million times worldwide on the day of its release. This is 10 times the amount Pokemon Go managed in its first day.

Despite strong download performance, Nintendo's share price fell immediately after Super Mario Run's release and has continued to fall. The game is only available for iOS devices right now; it's scheduled to come to Android in 2017.
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