Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SF PH PlayPark bsmikee019 All in one MOD Hack

Since there are so many people messaging me to post the hack that I'am talking about. Enjoy!
It's not complete yet cause my Laptop is not working well. Im only using mobile phone to post this and it's hard . :'(

Note: THE HACK MOD is STILL WORKING after the Maintenance(Nov 30, 2016)

Note: THE HACK MOD is STILL WORKING after the Maintenance(Dec 1, 2016)

Note: this MOD HACK is for Special Force 1 PH PlayPark

*Rapid Fire(Recommended in Horror Mode or DW) to:
-Gold PSG1
-Dual Shotgun

Note: In sniper, Scope first before you shoot so the recoil will be lower.

*Unlimited ammo to:
-Grenades(only RGD,m67,Flashbang,Smoke Grenade or VX) - Dont abuse you will DC
-Jumper Zombie Smoke Grenade
-Tank Zombie Smoke Grenade
-Girl Zombie Smoke Grenade

*100 Bullet Reload(Recommended in Horror Mode or DW) to :
-Gold PSG1
-Dual Shotgun

*Fast Reload
-Gold PSG1

Note: In Death Walker Game Mode, If You Reload and it doesn't reload 100 bullets , RELOAD many times until it is 100.

*Walk through boxes, cars, containers, etc - Known as Autoglitch(Limited Map Only)
-Horror Shanghai

*Walk in water(Limited Map Only)
-Horror Shanghai

Here's the hack ingame:

SS: Walk in Water

How to use:
1. Download below
2. Open the Rar. Inside you will see a folder called "data" folder.
3. Go to the Special Force folder
4. Drag the "data" folder to Special Force folder
5. It will ask you to rewrite , Click Yes To All . Or in windows 7 , Press Copy and Replace.
6. You're Done.
7. Play Game
8. Rampage the enemies and have fun!

Note: Use at your own risk.
There will be more updates when my Laptop is already fix.

If You want to REMOVE the HACK MOD:
1. Go Special Force Folder , go to data folder
2. Go to area folder and delete "area_003.sff"
3. Go back to data folder
4. Open weapon folder and delete "weapon_002.sff" and "weapon_003.sff" .
5. You're done removing the Hack Mod.
Virus Scan:

I will upload screenies when my laptop is already fix.

or Use the mod hack and send me screenies if you are So kind enough cause I cant get screenies right now.

Pls Dont Abuse the hack so that it wont get detected easily, in tagalog WAG GARAPAL!!

If you have problems or suggestions please comment below.

If it works to you and you like it please give feedback. Thank you.

frozeneye Aka Me

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Download Now
Here: https://userscloud.com/1mtxbucy834s
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