Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PSF Playpark Snipers, Shotguns and Pistols Unli Ammo

Someone requested me this Hack , so here it is ;)

(Unli Ammo to)
-All Snipers (I think Cheytac is not included)
-All Secondary Weapons


How to use(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to avoid Errors)
1. Download below
2. Open the Rar. Inside you will see a folder called "data" folder.
3. Go to the Special Force folder
4. Drag the "data" folder to Special Force folder
5. It will ask you to rewrite , Click Yes To All . Or in windows 7 , Press Copy and Replace.
6. You're Done.
7. Play Game
8. Rampage the enemies and have fun!

Note: Use at your own risk.

If You want to REMOVE the Unli ammo(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to Avoid Errors)
1. Go Special Force Folder , go to data folder
2. Open weapon folder and delete "weapon_004.sff".
3. You're done removing the Unli Ammo.

Virus Scan :

If you have a problem, Comment below

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Download Now
Here: https://userscloud.com/9dl70v3nami0

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  1. Can You Make Unlimited Ammo With Rapid fire And No Recoil