Sunday, December 4, 2016

PSF Playpark Respawn Hack by bsmikee019

Here's one of the MOD Hacks I made
Hope you guys liked it

Note: This only works on Team Battle Mode

If you are on the RED TEAM - You will spawn at the Submarine(Touch Down)
If you are on the BLUE TEAM - You will spawn at the Warehouse A
If you are on the RED TEAM - You will spawn at the Plaza(Touch Down)

Note: You Have to wait 10 seconds before you can Touch Down

Here's a Video for you to understand the hack:

How to use(Please follow the instruction clearly to avoid errors)
1. Download
2. Open the Rar. Inside you will see a folder called "data" folder.
3. Go to the Special Force folder
4. Drag the "data" folder to Special Force folder
5. It will ask you to rewrite , Click Yes To All . Or in windows 7 , Press Copy and Replace.
6. You're Done.
7. Play Game

Note: Use at your own risk.
There will be more updates when my Laptop is already fix.

If You want to REMOVE the Respawn MOD(Please Follow the Instruction Clearly to Avoid Errors)
1. Go Special Force Folder , go to data folder
2. Go to area folder and delete "area_004.sff"
3. You're done removing the Respawn Mod Hack.

Virus Scan:

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